Welcome to Business networking

Welcome to Business networking


We are a business portal made and run to ensure the businesses in the UK/World stay in constant communication with each other. One of the central problems, with businesses, is the dearth of communication and when work/cash flow starts to decrease, the effort to re-kindle links or find new ones is a very tricky thing to do.

So we will work continuously to bring customers from both business and domestic areas of the community from within our website’s services. On top of these online activities, we will be speaking to companies both on a singular basis at their sites and also at the various events around the UK.

It is right, that when a creative business is going at full capacity, they do not always examine future sales areas. However, in that situation, they must still concentrate on other areas of business growth to carry on the work/cash flow for their company. If a business does increase their sales areas, they must always examine other options to take the place of the sales that are in progress, for when that time ends.

Otherwise they may find themselves in a time of low productivity. The result of this normally ends in lay-offs or medium term working times for workers. Some businesses still pay a full wage but some don’t. So someone will lose out along the line.

Our goal is to enhance on the financial development of Kent in the UK, World communications on a local, regional, global and national basis and make a high prosperous environment for us, our businesses; original businesses and make a mass of employment opportunities.

This is a place for businesses to network with each other, be it in one local area or across the UK. We believe companies can learn so much from one another.

We also deal with other issues related to small businesses. We work closely with the Manchester Development Agency to support skills development, and knowledge building, from the area’s universities, schools and colleges to small and middle sized businesses working in the areas listed below.

Different universities and colleges work in partnership within every Network regarding their sector skills. This system ensures that small and medium sized businesses have access to both the latest high tech equipment within the universities and colleges, and the highest quality training.

Creative Industries – The Creative Industries Network offers small and medium sized businesses in the Creative Industries with a breadth of support, to buy equipment and to use high-level skills across the full range of Interactive Multimedia tasks.

Food & Drink - The Food and Drink Network emphasises helping small and middle sized business to become creative and increase their competitiveness via the buying of high technology gear and improving technical abilities. Help services focus on training and development, developing new devices, packaging innovations and manufacturing.

High Performance Engineering Industries - The High Performance Engineering Network supplements small and middle sized businesses working in the areas of Aerospace or Motorsport. The Network helps them to invest in clever technology and specialist development to train employee skills.      

Construction - The Construction Industry Network’s goal is to provide small and middle sized businesses with loans for new technological advances, ability to use a wide range of training and education courses, and make opportunities to see and experience new, high-tech equipment.

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